We stock Techo-bloc® and Anchor® products.
A less expensive option than concrete wall stone or natural rock, railroad ties
are a sensible option for building a retaining wall. Although less durable than
most other more costly materials, R/R ties can be easier to work with. Due to
the less initial prep time that is required, they can be easily installed even by
the less experienced homeowner. R/R ties can be stained or painted for
increased durability providing long lasting beauty and service.

Also in stock are R/R spikes in various sizes, as well as a large selection of
striking tools in various weights and sizes.

Listed are Railroad Tie sizes, lengths and cuts that are currently available.
6" x 6" x 8'
6" x 6" x 10'
6" x 8" x 8'

4" x 4" x 8'
4" x 4" x 10'

6" x 6" x 8'
6" x 8" x 8'